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Life Planning

Why Life Planning?

At The Hedley Hoeger Group, we feel what sets us apart is what we offer beyond the numbers, or outside of Planning and Investments. In our experience, there are a lot of variables that lead to a healthy financial lifestyle. These variables could include finding a new job, exploring a new career, retiring successfully and becoming a caretaker for family members.

As your family’s caretakers, we are here to provide the resources needed to move through these different stages of life. We do this with the relationships we have made to form the Life Planning sector of our practice. This unparalleled and dynamic partnership is designed to enhance your well-being and empower you and your family to live a life by design.

In this quick video, Jeff Hedley and Ben Hoeger discuss the intersection of Health + Wealth with Mike Antonelli, a Baird Market Strategist and "psychologist of the market" about the shift from goal-driven wealth management to purpose-driven wealth management - and what is driving the change.

Life Coaching

Exploring the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental components of what makes a more whole person, we will discuss relevant topics to help you maintain a healthy life balance.

In this video, Coach Lindsay talks about building a life by design.

For more information, please contact Jodi at

Career Coaching

From building a resume, interview prep skills to how to get unstuck in your career, we will explore all the common day issues we face in beginning, advancing, and changing our careers.

In this video, Coach Lindsay explores how failure can become success.

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Retirement Coaching

Many individuals find they can retire financially, but they are not prepared for the cerebral part of retirement.  We will help you define what your next chapter looks like and how you can have a fulfilling and rewarding life beyond retirement. 

Learn how to find your identity and purpose in retirement.

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Business Coaching

Starting a business and maintaining it isn’t always easy.  We provide useful knowledge on items such as understanding your client, managing people, powerful team meetings and much more.

Learn how your personal brand image can help you establish credibility and support your career growth.

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The Hedley Hoeger Group + Our Coaching Initiative

We offer this coaching to help our client’s live life by design instead of by default. We recognize that there are many facets of your family's lives beyond investments and planning that are critical to your financial health, and to an overall healthy and fulfilling life. By supporting our clients and each member of their family through our complimentary access to life coaching, we feel everyone will have a better outcome financially. We want to take your "why" for saving a step further than just understanding your goals - we want to help you achieve them. It is this dynamic collaboration that allows us to look beyond the numbers to the pursuit of a life by design.

Please contact Jodi Hedley at for more information on our Life Planning Services. 

Jodi Hedley

Jodi Hedley

Director of Life Planning, The Hedley Hoeger Group 

With decades of experience in the Financial industry, Jodi is prepared to help you navigate which sector of Life Planning is right for you or your loved ones. She acts as the liaison and informant for all things Our Coaching Initiative (OCI) and Life Planning.

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Lindsay Troxell

Lindsay Troxell

Founder, Our Coaching Initiative

Our Coaching Initiative provides the educational and coaching component for our Life Planning Services.  Founded in 2023 by Lindsay Troxell, who is a well-known international speaker, executive coach, and certified life coach, Lindsay provides ongoing monthly coaching sessions in four areas, as well as one on one individual coaching.

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